2.2 Body functions

Use this domain for the functions and actions of the whole body. Use the subdomains in this section for functions, actions, secretions, and products of various parts of the body. In each domain include any special words that are used of animals.

OMC Codes: 
147 Physiological Data
514 Elimination
Louw Nida Codes: 
8C Physiological Products of the Body
23 Physiological Processes and States
  • What general words refer to the functions of the body?
  • What general words refer to secretions of the body?
    secrete, secretion, excrete, excretion, product, fluid, body fluids, discharge, flux,
  • What words refer to bile?
    bile, gall (fluid from the liver stored in the gall bladder)
  • 2.2.1 Breathe, breath

    Use this domain for words related to breathing.

    Louw Nida Codes: 
    23J Breathe, Breath
  • What words refer to breathing?
    breathe, rise and fall (of the chest),
  • What words refer to the process of breathing?
    breathing, breath, respiration,
  • What words refer to breathing in?
    breathe in, take a breath, inhale, gasp, draw breath, whiff,
  • What words refer to breathing out?
    breathe out, exhale, blow,
  • What words refer to making noise when you breathe?
    sniff, snore, snort, sigh, hiss, sniffle, snuffle, hiccup,
  • What words refer to breathing quickly?
    breathe hard, pant, huff and puff, gulp,
  • What words refer to breathing quickly or with difficulty because of running or working hard?
    breathless, out of breath, draw breath,
  • What words refer to breathing with difficulty?
    gasp, wheeze, short of breath,
  • What words refer to breathing normally after running or working hard?
    get your breath back,
  • What words refer to stopping yourself from breathing?
    hold your breath,
  • What words refer to being unable to breathe?
    can't breathe, choke, suffocate,
  • What words refer to stopping breathing?
    expire, draw your last breath, death rattle,
  • What words refer to killing someone by stopping them from breathing?
    choke, strangle, suffocate, smother,
  • What words refer to helping someone who has stopped breathing to breathe again?
    give artificial respiration,
  • 2.2.2 Cough, sneeze

    Use this domain for words related to coughing, sneezing, and other actions of the mouth and nose.

    Louw Nida Codes: 
    23B Processes Involving the Mouth, Other Than Eating and Drinking
  • What words refer to coughing?
    cough, cough (n)
  • What words refer to sneezing?
    sneeze, sneeze (n)
  • What words refer to burping?
    burp, burp (n), belch, belch (n),
  • What words refer to hiccupping?
    hiccup (v), hiccup (n), have the hiccups,
  • 2.2.3 Spit, saliva

    Use this domain for words related to spitting.

  • What words refer to spitting?
    spit, spit out, expectorate, spew,
  • What words refer to saliva?
    saliva, spit, spittle, sputum, phlegm, drool, slobber, drivel,
  • What words refer to letting saliva run out of your mouth?
    drool, slobber, drivel, dribble,
  • What words refer to the production of saliva?
    salivate, mouth waters, juices flow, salivation,
  • What words refer to not having any saliva in your mouth?
    mouth is dry,
  • What words refer to the sound made when spitting?
  • 2.2.4 Mucus

    Use this domain for words related to mucus in the nose.

  • What does the nose produce?
    mucus, snot, booger
  • What words express how mucus drains from the nose?
    run, runny nose, be stuffed up
  • What do people do with mucus?
    blow your nose, pick your nose, wipe your nose,
  • What do people use to blow their nose?
    handkerchief, hanky, tissue,
  • 2.2.5 Bleed, blood

    Use this domain for words related to blood and bleeding.

  • What words refer to bleeding?
    to bleed, nosebleed, flow (from a wound), ooze, hemorrhage,
  • What words refer to bleeding quickly?
    pour, stream from, spurt, gush,
  • What words refer to stopping bleeding?
    coagulate, staunch, to stop bleeding, to block bleeding, apply a tourniquet
  • What words refer to blood?
    blood, drop of blood
  • What words refer to blood when it dries?
    clot, scab, blood stain,
  • What words describe something that has blood on it?
    bloody, bloodstained, gory, gruesome,
  • What words refer to a lot of blood?
    pool of blood,
  • What words refer to giving blood to someone?
    give blood, blood transfusion,
  • What words refer to the type of blood a person has?
    blood type,
  • 2.2.6 Sweat

    Use this domain for words related to sweating.

  • What words refer to sweating?
    sweat (v), perspire, be dripping with sweat, sweat like a pig,
  • What words refer to sweat?
    sweat (n), perspiration,
  • What words are used to describe a person beginning to sweat?
    break out in a sweat, break into a sweat, begin to sweat
  • What happens to sweat?
  • What do people do about sweat?
    bathe, use deodorant, wash clothes, wipe sweat from your forehead,
  • What words describe a person who has been sweating?
    sweaty, drenched with sweat
  • What words describe the smell of sweat?
    smell sweaty, smelly, stink, body odor, natural smell of sweat, smell of old people, smell of someone who never bathes
  • What is a drop of sweat called?
    bead of sweat
  • 2.2.7 Urinate, urine

    Use this domain for words related to urination.

  • What words refer to urinating?
    urinate, pee, piss, take a piss, take a leak,
  • What words refer to urine?
    urine, pee,
  • Where do people urinate?
  • What do the kidneys and bladder do?
    produce urine, store urine
  • What words refer to a kidney stone?
    kidney stone, pass (a kidney stone)
  • 2.2.8 Defecate, feces

    Use this domain for words related to defecation.

    OMC Codes: 
    514 Elimination
  • What words refer to defecating?
    defecate, go to the bathroom, have a bowel movement, void, excrete, poop, take a crap, evacuate your bowels, purge your bowels, void,
  • What words refer to feces?
    feces, manure, crap, droppings, dung, excrement, fecal, guano, pile, stool, waste, shit,
  • What words refer to when the feces are liquid?
    diarrhea, loose bowel
  • What words refer to when it is difficult to defecate?
    constipation, constipated
  • What words refer to cleaning after defecating?
    wipe (yourself, your anus),
  • What things do people use to clean themselves?
    toilet paper
  • What things are used for babies?
    diaper, nappies
  • Where do people defecate?
    bathroom, toilet, latrine
  • What words refer to the smell of feces?
    fetid, malodorous, putrid,
  • What words are used of intestinal gas?
    gas, pass gas, break wind, fart