2.5.1 Sick

Use this domain for words describing a person who is sick.

OMC Codes: 
750 Sickness
Louw Nida Codes: 
23I Sickness, Disease, Weakness
  • What words refer to being sick?
    be sick, be ill, not be well, be in a bad way, do poorly,
  • What words refer to being sick with a disease?
    have (a disease), suffer from, be sick with, infected with, stricken with, have an attack of,
  • What words refer to being a little sick?
    off color, under the weather, run down, not feel yourself, not be yourself,
  • What words refer to being very sick?
    bedridden, decline, failing, life is ebbing, sinking (fast), seriously ill, critically ill, terminally ill, be fatal,
  • What words refer to feeling sick?
    feel ill, not feel well, feel rough, feel funny, feel sick, feel sick to your stomach, groggy, feel faint,
  • What words describe a person who is sick?
    ill, sick, unwell, infirm, look like death warmed over, unhealthy, ailing, diseased, incapacitated, indisposed, laid up,
  • What words describe someone who is often sick?
    sickly, delicate, be in poor health, be prone to, hypochondriac,
  • What words refer to becoming sick?
    get sick, become ill, fall ill, be taken ill, sicken, become sick, catch (a disease), come down with, contract,
  • What words refer to a person who is sick?
    patient, sufferer, invalid, the sick,
  • What words refer to a time when many people are sick from the same disease?
    epidemic, plague, outbreak, pestilence,
  • Recover from sickness

    Use this domain for words referring to recovering from sickness or injury.

  • What words refer to recovering?
    recover, get better, make a slow/quick/complete recovery, get well, feel better, improve, be on the mend, respond to treatment, regain your health, gain strength, make good progress,
  • What words refer to recovering from a disease?
    recover from, get over, shake off,
  • What words refer to no longer being very sick?
    out of danger,
  • What words refer to spending time resting in order to recover?
    recuperate, convalesce,
  • What words refer to being healthy after being sick?
    be better, be well, be fully recovered, be cured, be over something, be back on your feet, be up and about, be fit, be healed, be well again, be fine, be back to normal, be restored to health, be whole again,
  • What words refer to feeling good enough to do something?
    feel up to,
  • What words refer to a disease going away?
    go away, clear up,
  • What words refer to an injury healing?
    heal, mend,