2.5.2 Disease

Use this domain for general words for disease and for words referring to specific diseases.

OMC Codes: 
750 Sickness
Louw Nida Codes: 
23I Sickness, Disease, Weakness
  • What words refer to a disease?
    illness, disease, complaint, condition, ailment, disorder, infection, bug, sickness, malady, infirmity, affliction, contagion, debility, indisposition, fever, syndrome, malaise,
  • What words refer to a disease that lasts a short time?
    attack, a bout of, a touch of,
  • What words describe a type of disease?
    acute, chronic, bacterial, complication, critical, curable, degenerative, genetic, morbid, nervous, neuromuscular, psychosomatic, virus, wasting,
  • What words describe a disease that kills people?
    terminal, fatal, incurable,
  • What words describe a disease that people can get easily?
    infectious, contagious, catching,
  • What words refer to a disease spreading to other people?
    spread, epidemic, outbreak, plague,
  • What are the names of particular diseases?
    allergy, allergic, amoeba, appendicitis, cholera, colic, colicky, colitis, cyst, diabetes, diabetic, diphtheria, distemper, dropsy, dysentery, elephantiasis, encephalitis, fibrosis, fistula, flux, hypertension, gallstone, goiter, heatstroke, hernia, herpes zoster, hemophilia, hemorrhoid, hives, hookworm, kidney stone, lockjaw, lumbago, malaria, meningitis, mononucleosis, mumps, phlebitis, piles, plague, polio, poliomyelitis, psoriasis, rabid, rabies, rubella, sclerosis, sunstroke, tetanus, typhoid, typhus, yellow fever, airsick, carsick, seasick,
  • What words refer to a disease of the brain or mind?
    Alzheimer's, amnesia, stroke, depression, schizophrenia, shock, stress,
  • What words refer to epilepsy?
    epilepsy, epileptic, epileptic seizure, have a seizure, fit,
  • What words refer to a disease of the eyes?
    eye disease, glaucoma, red eyes, pinkeye, cataract, conjunctivitis, sty,
  • What words refer to a disease of the nose and throat?
    cough, whooping cough, cold, sore throat, influenza, flu, chill,
  • What words refer to a disease of the lungs?
    respiratory disease, tuberculosis, angina, asthma, asthmatic, pneumonia, emphysema, grippe, hay fever, bronchitis,
  • What words refer to a disease of the heart?
    heart attack, heart failure, coronary, arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular, fibrillation, hardening of the arteries, thrombosis, heart murmur, weak heart, heart condition,
  • What words refer to a disease of the liver?
    liver disease, hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis,
  • What words refer to sexually transmitted disease?
    venereal disease, AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes
  • What words refer to a disease of the bones and joints?
    arthritis, arthritic, stiffness of the joints, rheumatic, rheumatism, backache,
  • What words refer to cancer?
    cancer, cancerous, tumor, skin cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, liver cancer, malignancy, malignant, benign,
  • Malnutrition, starvation

    Use this domain for words related to not having enough food.

  • What words refer to the condition produced by not having enough food?
    malnutrition, kwashiorkor, anemia, dystrophy, deficiency, anorexia,
  • What words refer to dying from lack of food?
    starve, starvation, waste away,
  • What words describe someone who doesn't have enough food?
    starving, malnourished, anemic, emaciated,
  • Skin disease

    Use this domain for words related to skin diseases such as leprosy, boils, and rashes.

  • What words refer to a sore in the skin?
    boil, infection, sore, open sore, scab, rash, ulcer, abscess, bunion, growth, tumor, bruise, gangrene, inflammation, pox, lesion, canker, corn, eruption, blister, bedsore, cold sore,
  • What are the names of specific skin diseases?
    leprosy, chickenpox, smallpox, measles, German measles, scabies, ringworm, (itching of foot due to worms), dermatitis, eczema, fungus, shingles,
  • What words refer to having an infection?
    have an infection, be infected, infect, get infected, break out, develop an infection,
  • What words refer to an infection becoming worse?
    spread, turn gangrenous, fester, peel, break,
  • What words refer to a small sore in the skin?
    pimple, acne, zit, whitehead, blackhead,
  • What words refer to pus?
    pus, pustule,
  • What does pus do?
    ooze, run,
  • What words refer to a person with a skin disease?
  • Stomach illness

    Use this domain for words related to stomach illness.

  • What words refer to being sick in your stomach?
    have an upset stomach, have a stomach-ache, tummy-ache, be sick to your stomach,
  • What types of stomach illness are there?
    vomiting, morning sickness, indigestion, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, constipated, ulcer, ulcerate, ulcerated, intestinal obstruction, worms,
  • What words refer to vomiting?
    be sick, throw up, vomit, puke, barf, bring up, regurgitate, spew,
  • What words refer to vomiting without bringing anything up?
    retch, heave, gag,
  • What are the symptoms of stomach illness?
    gas, belching, cramps,
  • What words describe how you feel when your stomach is sick?
    feel sick, queasy, nausea, be going to be sick, nauseated, nauseous,
  • What words refer to something making your stomach feel sick?
    nauseate, give you an upset stomach, make you sick to your stomach,
  • Tooth decay

    Use this domain for words related to tooth decay.

  • What words are used to describe a tooth that has gone bad?
    tooth decay, cavity, loose, rotten, gingivitis,
  • What words refer to the pain caused by a bad tooth?
  • What words refer to losing a tooth?
    lose a tooth, knock out, missing,
  • What words refer to removing a tooth?
    extract a tooth, pull a tooth, have a tooth out, extraction,
  • What words refer to fixing a tooth?
    fill, filling, drill, cap, root canal,
  • What words refer to false teeth?
    false teeth, dentures,
  • What words refer to a person who treats bad teeth?
    dentist, oral surgeon, dentistry,