5.7.3 Wake up

Use this domain for words related to waking up from sleep.

  • What words refer to waking up?
    wake up, come to, awaken, come out of a deep sleep, be startled out of sleep
  • What words refer to someone waking someone else up?
    wake (someone) up, get (someone) up, rouse
  • What do people do to wake someone up?
    call, shake, dump water on him
  • What do people say to wake someone up?
    Time to get up. Rise and shine. Hey, sleepyhead.
  • What means do people use to wake themselves up?
    alarm clock, wake up call, rooster
  • What do people do after they wake up?
    get up, get out of bed
  • What words describe not being asleep?
    be awake
  • What words are used of not being able to sleep?
    toss and turn, couldn't sleep, lay awake, insomnia, insomniac, sleep disorder
  • What words are used of not wanting to sleep?
    stay awake, be alert, stay up