1.5.3 Grass, herb, vine

Use this domain for small plants that have roots, stems, flowers, and seeds, but do not have a wooden trunk (Phylum Spermatophyta, Subdivision Angiospermae). Also include the seedless plants, such as ferns (phylum Pteridophyta, class Felicineae), horsetails (phylum Pteridophyta, class Equisetineae), and club mosses (phylum Pteridophyta, class Lycopodineae). Plants of the Pteridophyta phylum have no flowers or seeds. Ferns have large, divided, feather-like leaves, or fronds. Club mosses are small (rarely over one meter) evergreen plants with simple leaves resembling pine or hemlock needles. Sometimes they grow upright, but often trail on the ground, where they propagate by means of runners. Horsetails send up tall, vertical, jointed stalks with branches covered with scale like leaves.

OMC Codes: 
137f Grass and Weeds
137g Herbs, medicinal, fungus
Louw Nida Codes: 
3C Plants That Are Not Trees
  • What general words refer to small plants?
    (no words in English)
  • What general types of small plants are there?
    herb, grass, vine, aquatic, bulb, bulbous, briar, brier, burr, cactus, cane, creeper, cultivated, fern, flowering, gourd, reed, sod, sprawling, thorny, weed, wild
  • What types of plants are there?
    absinthe, acacia, agave, anemone, arbutus, arrowhead, arrowroot, artemisia, arum, asparagus, aster, banana, bean, beet, begonia, belladonna, bellflower, bindweed, bluebell, broccoli, burdock, buttercup, cabbage, carnation, carrot, cassava, cattail, celery, chard, chickpea, chickweed, chive, chrysanthemum, clematis, collard, columbine, corn, cosmos, crocus, cucumber, cyclamen, daffodil, dahlia, daisy, dandelion, delphinium, dock, dogbane, duckweed, eggplant, endive, everlasting, figwort, fireweed, flax, flower, forget-me-not, fritillaria, fuchsia, garbanzo, garlic, gentian, geranium, gladiola, gladiolus, globeflower, goldenrod, glory, grapevine, greenbrier, groundsel, heather, hibiscus, hollyhock, hyacinth, honeysuckle, hop, holly, hyssop, indigo, iris, ivy, jasmine, jonquil, kale, knotweed, hydrangea, larkspur, lavender, leek, lespedeza, lettuce, liana, lily, lobelia, lotus, locoweed, lupine, maguey, mallow, manioc, marguerite, marigold, mayflower, mescal, mignonette, milkweed, monkshood, mustard, narcissus, nasturtium, nettle, okra, oleaster, onion, orchid, paintbrush, pansy, pea, peanut, pennycress, peony, pepper, periwinkle, petunia, pigweed, phlox, pimpernel, plantain, poinsettia, pokeweed, poppy, potato, primrose, radish, ragweed, ranunculus, rhododendron, rue, rutabaga, sagebrush, sandbur, seaweed, smilax, soybean, sedge, spinach, spiraea, spirea, squash, stinkweed, strawberry, strawflower, sundew, sunflower, thistle, tobacco, tomato, tulip, tumbleweed, turnip, vegetable, verbena, vervain, vetch, vine, viola, violet, wallflower, watermelon, william, wisteria, wormwood, yam, yucca
  • What types of grass are there?
    alfalfa, bamboo, barley, bluegrass, buckwheat, bulrush, burmuda grass, cane, cereal, clover, corn, crabgrass, elephant grass, foxtail, grass, horsetail, knotgrass, lemongrass, maize, millet, oat, reed, rye, sesame, shortgrass, sorghum, speargrass, sugarcane, weed, wheat
  • What types of aromatic herbs are there?
    amaryllis, angelica, anise, balm, basil, chamomile, cardamom, cassia, catnip, chamomile, chervil, chicory, cosmopolitan, cowpea, cress, cumin, dill, fennel, fenugreek, feverfew, foxglove, ginseng, henbane, herb, horehound, hyssop, licorice, lucerne, mandrake, marjoram, medicinal, mint, parsley, parsnip, peppermint, portulaca, purslane, rosemary, sage, savory, saxifrage, skunk, sorrel, spearmint, spikenard, tarragon, thyme, valerian, watercress, wintergreen, yarrow
  • What types of vines are there?
    grape vine, morning glory
  • What types of reeds are there?
    reed, papyrus, rush, cane, sugarcane, bamboo
  • What types of plants have flowers?
    rose, carnation, orchid, sunflower
  • What types of plants have edible seeds?
    legume, bean, pea, soybean, wheat, rice
  • What plants have fruit?
    grape, pineapple
  • What types of berries are there?
    berry, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, blueberry
  • What types of bananas are there?
    banana, plantain, cooking banana
  • What types of plants have edible roots?
    potato, carrot, sweet potato, cassava, cocoyam, taro, yam, beets, ginger
  • What plants are eaten by animals?
    hay, alfalfa
  • What plants are used for making fibers, cloth or rope?
    cotton, sisal
  • What species of ferns are there?
    bracken, brake, fern, maidenhair
  • What species of horsetails are there?
  • What species of club mosses are there?
    club moss