1.5.5 Parts of a plant

Use this domain for words that refer to parts of a plant. Start with general words that all plants have. Then think through each major type of plant. Finish by thinking of specific plants that are well known (usually cultivated crops) and that have words for specific parts (e.g. tassel on a corn/maize cob).

OMC Codes: 
137a Plant Parts
Louw Nida Codes: 
3D Fruit Parts of Plants
3E Non-Fruit Parts of Plants
  • What are the basic parts of all plants?
    root, trunk, stalk, branch, stem, leaf
  • What words refer to the roots?
    root, tuber, tubercle, bulb, taproot, runner, root hairs, rootstock
  • What words refer to the trunk?
    trunk, stalk, reed, bole, woody, base
  • What words refer to the branches?
    branch, bough, limb, twig, stick, stem, fork
  • What words refer to the leaves?
    leaf, leafy, pine needle, fern, foliage, palm frond, stem, blade, vein
  • What types of thorns are there?
    thorn, spine, cactus needle, burr
  • What words refer to the outside of a plant?
    bark, burl, knot, hull, husk, shell, cork
  • What is the inside of a plant called?
    wood, rings, heartwood, pith, pulp, fiber
  • What words refer to the seeds?
    seed, acorn, bean, berry, cone, ear, grain, gourd, kernel, nut, pinecone, pod, rosehip, bran, chaff, cob, corncob, germ, head of grain, hull, husk, nutshell, pod, pit, rind, section, seedcase, shell, skin, stem, stone, whole(wheat)
  • What words refer to the fruit?
    fruit, peel, peeling, juice, pulp, pulpy, flesh, fleshy, core, skin, stem, seed
  • What words refer to the flowers?
    flower, bloom, blossom, petal, stamen, pistil, nectar, pollen, spear, spike
  • What are the parts of a vine?
    vine, runner, creeper
  • What are the parts of grass?
    stem, stalk, blade of grass, straw
  • What are the parts of maize?
    head, cob, husk, corn silk, kernel, tassel
  • What are the parts of a banana plant?
    stalk, leaf, flower, bunch, hand, finger
  • What are the parts of a coconut tree?
    trunk, frond, midrib, leaf, needle, nut, husk, shell, meat, milk
  • What is new growth on a plant called?
    shoot, sprout, bud, new growth, old growth
  • What is a group of fruit called?
    cluster of fruit, bunch of grapes, hand of bananas
  • What liquids are produced by plants?
    sap, resin, juice, milk
  • What are the dead parts of plants called?
    dead branches, dead wood, rot, dry rot, dead leaves, dry leaves
  • What words are used of plants when they have been cut down?
    log, stump, grass trimmings, compost, pile of leaves, straw, hay