1.5.6 Growth of plants

Use this domain for words related to the growth of plants.

OMC Codes: 
137b Growth Stages
Louw Nida Codes: 
23K Grow, Growth
23L Ripen, Produce Fruit, Bear Seed
  • What words refer to the growth of plants?
    grow, growth, branch out, put down roots, spread, develop, extend, flourish, spring, swell, thrive, photosynthesis
  • What words refer to a seed beginning to grow?
    germinate, sprout, spring up, seedling
  • What words refer to a plant producing leaves?
    bud, leaf out, produce leaves
  • What words refer to a plant bearing seeds or fruit?
    flower, blossom, bear fruit, produce fruit, fruitful, head, drop seeds, pollinate, yield
  • What words refer to seeds and fruit being ripe?
    green, unripe, immature, mature, mellow, ripen, ripe
  • What words describe how plants grow?
    spread, run (of vines), entwine, cling, trail
  • What words refer to a plant dying?
    wither, droop, fade, decay, rot, dry, die
  • Where are dead plants put?
    compost pile