1.6.1 Types of animals

Use this domain for words describing types of animals. Use a book of pictures to identify each species and its scientific name. This section is organized according to the scientific, biological classification of animals. It may not correspond to the local classification of animals (folk taxonomy), which are often based on how people relate to animals (tame/wild, edible/work). Use this domain for words referring to large classes of animals that do not correspond to the scientific classification. For instance this would be the place for a word like 'flying animal', which includes birds, bats, and flying insects.

Louw Nida Codes: 
4A Animals
  • What words refer to types of animals?
    phylum, class, order, family, genus, species, chordate, vertebrate, invertebrate, crustacean, rodent, insect, arthropod, mollusk, echidna, protozoa, protozoan, protozoon, amebic, amoeba, bacteriophage, cold-blooded, warm-blooded, multicellular, single-celled, unicellular, microorganism, germ, virus, viral, purebred, hybrid, quadruped, biped, two-footed, four-footed, diurnal, nocturnal, beast, brute, vermin, varmint, albino
  • What words refer to wild animals?
    wild (animal), untamed, feral, wildlife, beast
  • What words refer to tame animals?
    tame (animal), tamed, domesticated, livestock, pet
  • What words refer to the process of taming an animal?
    tame, domesticate, break (a horse)
  • What words refer to animals that eat certain things?
    carnivore, carnivorous, meat eater, meat eating, predator, predatory, insectivore, insectivorous, herbivore, herbivorous, plant eating, omnivore, omnivorous, scavenger, parasite
  • What words refer to whether or not an animal can be eaten?
    edible, non-edible, clean, unclean, kosher
  • What words refer to where an animal lives?
    amphibian, aquatic, arboreal, barnyard, tropical