2.2.6 Sweat

Use this domain for words related to sweating.

  • What words refer to sweating?
    sweat (v), perspire, be dripping with sweat, sweat like a pig,
  • What words refer to sweat?
    sweat (n), perspiration,
  • What words are used to describe a person beginning to sweat?
    break out in a sweat, break into a sweat, begin to sweat
  • What happens to sweat?
  • What do people do about sweat?
    bathe, use deodorant, wash clothes, wipe sweat from your forehead,
  • What words describe a person who has been sweating?
    sweaty, drenched with sweat
  • What words describe the smell of sweat?
    smell sweaty, smelly, stink, body odor, natural smell of sweat, smell of old people, smell of someone who never bathes
  • What is a drop of sweat called?
    bead of sweat