Lose consciousness

Use this domain for words related to losing consciousness, including fainting, being knocked out, and anesthesia.

  • What words refer to being conscious?
    be conscious, consciousness, awake
  • What words refer to losing consciousness?
    lose consciousness, go unconscious, faint, pass out, swoon, be knocked out, go into a coma, collapse,
  • What words refer to the state of being unconscious?
    be unconscious, fainted, passed out, coma, be in a coma, be out, insensible
  • What words refer to something causing someone to lose consciousness?
    knock out, put out, put under (anesthesia), stupefy,
  • What words refer to regaining consciousness?
    regain consciousness, come to, come out of the coma
  • What words refer to causing a person to regain consciousness?
    bring someone around, resuscitate
  • What words refer to a person who deals with loss of consciousness?
  • What causes someone to lose consciousness?
    hit on head, be sick, be in pain, anesthesia
  • What happens or what symptoms occur when someone begins to lose consciousness?
    feel faint, feel dizzy, stagger, become incoherent
  • What are the symptoms of being unconscious?
    be unresponsive, be like dead