Use this domain for words related to medicine, types of medicine, and the application of medicine.

OMC Codes: 
751 Preventive Medicine
278 Pharmaceuticals
Louw Nida Codes: 
6T Medicines
  • What general words refer to medicine?
    medicine, medication, medicinal, drug, narcotic, antidote, elixir, remedy, herb,
  • What are the names of particular types of medicine?
    analgesic, antacid, antibiotic, antidote, antihistamine, antiseptic, antitoxin, aspirin, barbiturate, cathartic, chloroquine, drops, eye drops, emetic, iodine, immunization, inoculation, lozenge, painkiller, paregoric, penicillin, prophylactic, purgative, sedative, sleeping pill, stimulant, sulfa, tranquilizer, transfusion, Tylenol, vaccine, wine
  • What words refer to medicine you put on your skin?
    ointment, salve, liniment, lotion, poultice, balm, cream,
  • What words refer to medicine that you eat or drink?
    tablet, pill, capsule, potion, syrup, tonic,
  • What words refer to medicine that is injected under the skin?
    shot, injection, jab,
  • What words refer to giving medicine?
    medicate, apply medicine/ointment, give a shot, inject someone with, vaccinate, immunize, inoculate, administer, prescribe medicine, apply a bandage, (cover oneself under steaming herbal medicine), massage, rub something in,
  • What words refer to taking medicine?
    take something for, drink, swallow,
  • What words refer to some medicine that is given at one time?
    dose, dosage, course of medicine, overdose,
  • What words refer to the equipment used to store and administer medicine?
    medicine bottle, needle, syringe, IV,
  • What words refer to the written instructions a doctor gives about how much medicine to take?
    prescription, prescribe,
  • What words refer to someone who makes and sells medicine?
    chemist, pharmacist, druggist, pharmacy, herbalist,