Care for a baby

Use this domain for words related to caring for a baby.

OMC Codes: 
853 Infant Feeding
854 Infant Care
862 Weaning and Food Training
  • What words refer to caring for a baby?
    care for, watch, baby-sit,
  • What words refer to feeding a baby?
    breastfeed, nurse, feed, wean, suck, suckle,
  • What things are used to feed a baby?
    breast milk, milk, bottle, baby food, bib, highchair,
  • What words refer to holding a baby?
    hold, cradle (in arms), rock,
  • What words refer to comforting a baby when it is crying?
    comfort, soothe, cuddle,
  • What words refer to carrying a baby?
    carry in arms, carry on back
  • What things are used to carry a baby?
    baby carriage, pram, stroller, backpack, car seat, carrycot,
  • Where are babies put?
    crib, cradle, playpen,
  • What words refer to a baby urinating or defecating?
    wet, urinate, defecate, potty,
  • What words refer to cleaning a baby?
    change someone's diaper, diaper, nappy, bathe, baby powder, baby lotion,
  • What toys are given to a baby?
    rattle, pacifier, dummy,
  • What words refer to protecting a baby?
    amulet, evil eye,