Cry, tear

Use this domain for words related to crying--when water forms in the eyes because of sadness or pain.

Louw Nida Codes: 
25L Laugh, Cry, Groan x
  • What words refer to crying?
    cry, weep, be in tears, tearful, have tears in your eyes, weeping, weepy, squall,
  • What words refer to crying a lot?
    cry your eyes out, tears roll down your cheeks, eyes full of tears, eyes are brimming with tears, cry your heart out, cry yourself to sleep,
  • What words refer to crying in a noisy way?
    sob, bawl, howl, wail,
  • What words refer to crying in an annoying way?
    snivel, sniffle, whimper, blubber, blub, crybaby,
  • What words refer to starting to cry?
    start to cry, start crying, burst into tears, break down, turn on the waterworks, get teary,
  • What words refer to almost crying?
    be close to tears, have a lump in your throat, fight back tears, choke back the tears,
  • What words refer to crying because something gets in your eyes?
    cry, your eyes water,
  • What words refer to making someone cry?
    make someone cry, reduce someone to tears, bring tears to someone's eyes, tearful, tearjerker,
  • What words refer to a tear?
    tear, teardrop,
  • What do tears do?
    fall, run (down the face), streak,
  • What do people do to tears?
    wipe away, dry
  • What do people say to stop someone from crying?
    don't cry, there there,