4.3.2 Admire someone

Use this domain for words related to admiring someone--to feel good about someone because you think that he is a good person.

  • What words refer to admiring a person?
    admire, be an admirer of, accept, approve of, esteem (v), hold in someone in high esteem, look up to, have a high opinion of, hold someone in high regard, respect, respectful, think highly of, think well of, hold in honor,
  • What words refer to admiring someone very much?
    idolize, revere, worship, put someone on a pedestal, hero-worship,
  • What words refer to what someone thinks of a person, either good or bad?
    estimation, opinion, regard,
  • What words refer to the thought or feeling that someone is good?
    admiration, adulation, esteem (n), respect,
  • What words refer to a person who is admired?
    idol, hero, heroine,
  • What words describe someone who is admired?
    admirable, estimable, honorable, idolized,