Use this domain for words referring to spoiling something that is happening, such as an event, work, relationship, or feeling, by doing something that makes it less attractive, less enjoyable, or less effective--to do something bad to something that is happening, so that people can't do what they were doing or don't enjoy it as much.

  • What words refer to spoiling the quality of something?
    spoil, impair, mar, detract from
  • What words refer to spoiling someone's work?
    spoil, mess up, undermine, sabotage, throw a wrench in the works, pour cold water on,
  • What words refer to spoiling a relationship?
    spoil, sour, poison,
  • What words refer to spoiling an event?
    spoil, mar, put a damper on, cast a shadow over,
  • What words refer to spoiling a person's reputation?
    spoil, damage, damaging, discredit, harm, tarnish, be tainted,
  • What words refer to completely spoiling something?
    ruin, destroy, wreck, screw up, spoil everything,
  • What words refer to someone who spoils people's enjoyment of an event?
    wet blanket, spoilsport, killjoy,
  • What words describe something that has not been spoiled?
    unspoiled, unblemished,