4.3.6 Self-controlled

Use this domain for words referring to self-control--deciding not to do something that you want to do, because you think it would be bad to do it; or deciding to do something, because you know it is good.

Louw Nida Codes: 
88K Self-Control, Lack of Self-Control
  • What words describe someone who is self-controlled?
    self-controlled, ascetic, austere, careful, conscientious, controlled, disciplined, discreet, moderate, provident, prudent, puritanical, restrained, sober-minded, stoic, tempered, tolerant, unsparing,
  • What words refer to a self-controlled person?
    ascetic, conformist, moderate, puritan, stoic,
  • What words refer to being self-controlled?
    abstain, behave, behave yourself, constrain, contain yourself, control yourself, discipline yourself, forbear, forgo, restrain yourself, say no, tolerate,
  • What words refer to the quality of being self-controlled?
    self-control, abnegation, abstention, abstinence, asceticism, constraint, discipline, equanimity, forbearance, moderation, poise, reserve, restraint, self-denial, self-discipline, sobriety, stoicism, sufferance, temperance, tolerance, toleration,
  • What words refer to controlling your feelings?
    keep your temper, calm and collected, composed, composure, forbearing, unexcitable, long-suffering, poised, reserved, staid, steady, unexcited,
  • What words refer to controlling your eating?
    put a knife to your throat,
  • What words refer to controlling your desire to drink alcohol?
    stay sober, go on the wagon,
  • What words refer to controlling your desire to spend money?
    frugal, frugality, thrifty, thrift,