Use this domain for words related to being unlucky.

  • What words refer to being unlucky on a particular occasion?
    unlucky, unfortunate, have the misfortune to do something, have bad luck, be out of luck, a run of bad luck, it's one of those days, it's not my day,
  • What words describe someone who always has bad luck?
    unlucky, with my luck, just my luck, jinxed, born under a bad star, cursed,
  • What words describe an unlucky situation or event?
    unlucky, unfortunate, unfortunately, as bad luck would have it, be bad luck,
  • What words describe something that causes bad luck?
    unlucky, be bad luck, bring bad luck, a jinx on,
  • What words refer to bad luck?
    bad luck, misfortune, bit of bad luck, hard luck,