4.6.1 Ruler

Use this domain for words related to the ruler of a country.

OMC Codes: 
643 Chief Executive
644 Executive Household
  • What is the person called who is the highest ruler in the country?
    ruler, highest ruler, supreme authority, head of state, leader of the country, emperor, king, president, premier, chancellor, prime minister, Caesar, pharaoh, chief, paramount chief, chieftain, chief of state
  • What words refer to the position or office of the ruler?
    throne, kingship, presidency, premiership, chieftaincy, chieftainship, position, office
  • What words describe something having to do with the ruler?
    royal, regal, imperial, kingly, presidential, majestic
  • What words refer to the house of the ruler?
    palace, castle, White House, number 10 Downing Street,
  • What words refer to the symbols of the ruler?
    throne, crown, diadem, scepter, royal robes, presidential seal,
  • What special words and phrases are used when talking to the ruler?
    your majesty, live forever
  • What words refer to when a ruler begins to rule?
    take the throne, crown (v), swear in, take the oath of office,
  • What words refer to when a ruler stops ruling?
    abdicate, resign, overthrow, leave office,