5.2.1 Food preparation

Use this domain for words related to food preparation.

OMC Codes: 
252 Food Preparation
265 Food Service Industries
  • What words refer to preparing food?
    food preparation, cook, prepare food, fix (a meal, dish), make a dish
  • What words refer to the person who prepares food and cooks?
    the cook, chef, short order cook, cookie
  • What words refer to a person who prepares special types of food?
    baker (bread), butcher (meat), confectioner (candy), brewer (alcohol)
  • What words refer to the thing that is cooked?
    food, meal, dish
  • What words refer to the place where food is prepared and cooked?
    kitchen, cookhouse, bakery, butchery, food processing plant, restaurant
  • What words describe how well a person cooks?
    good cook, bad cook, tremendous cook, fantastic cook
  • What words describe how thoroughly something has been cooked?
    raw, rare, medium, well done, under done, under cooked, over cooked, burnt, burned to a crisp, crispy, charred, just right
  • What words refer to a set of instructions for cooking something?
    recipe, ingredients, instructions, measurements