5.3.6 Parts of clothing

Use this domain for words related to parts of clothing.

OMC Codes: 
293 Paraphernalia
  • What words refer to parts of clothing?
    belt loop, bodice, collar, cowl, crease, cuff, fringe, hem, hood, lapel, leg, neck, neckband, neckline, placket, pocket, sash, seam, seat, shirttail, skirt, sleeve, slit, tassel, waist, waistband, waistline,
  • What words refer to parts of shoes?
    sole, shoelace, bootlace, eye, tongue, toe, heel, insole, strap, buckle, thong
  • What words refer to parts of hats?
    brim, peak, ribbon
  • What things are used to hold parts of clothes together?
    belt buckle, button, buttonhole, clasp, cuff-link, lace, snap, zip, zipper,