5.3.8 Naked

Use this domain for words related to being naked--not wearing any clothes, and for words referring to how a person feels about being naked. It is a part of universal human experience that people do not want to be naked. So there are words that refer to feeling bad if one does not have enough clothes on (shame). Other words refer to wanting to have enough clothes (modest). Other words refer to how people feel about other people who do not wear enough clothes

  • What words refer to being naked?
    be naked, nakedness, nude, nudity, unclothed, nothing on, not have anything on, stripped, bare, expose (oneself)
  • What words refer to not wearing enough clothes?
    dress immodestly, immodest, impropriety, indecent
  • What words refer to not wanting to be naked?
    modest, propriety, decent
  • What words refer to feeling bad if you are naked?
    shame, embarrassed, blush