5.5.6 Fuel

Use this domain for types of fuel and for words used in making, collecting, storing, or using fuel. This domain includes the scenario of collecting firewood.

  • What words refer to the thing that is burned by a fire?
  • What types of things are normally used as fuel?
    wood, coal, charcoal, oil, gas, candle wax, kindling
  • What words refer to firewood?
    firewood, bundle of firewood, piece of firewood, stack of firewood
  • What words refer to collecting fuel?
    collect, gather, pick up, chop firewood, split firewood
  • What words refer to charcoal?
  • What words are used for making charcoal?
  • What words refer to liquid fuel?
    liquid fuel, gasoline (petrol), gas, kerosene (paraffin), diesel, candle wax, oil (lamp)
  • What containers are used to hold liquid fuels?
    gas can, jerry can