5.6.4 Wash clothes

Use this domain for words related to washing clothes.

OMC Codes: 
296 Garment Care
  • What words refer to washing clothes?
    wash clothes, launder, do the laundry, dry clean
  • What are the steps is washing clothes?
    soak, scrub, rinse, wring, hang up (to dry), dry, take down, iron, fold, put away, hang up
  • Who does the laundry?
    washerwoman, drycleaners
  • What tools are used to wash clothes?
    laundry soap, detergent, washing machine, drier, washtub, washbasin, sink, basin, washboard, clothesline, clothespin, bucket, hanger, scrubbing stone
  • What words refer to the clothes to be washed?
    laundry, dirty laundry, dirty clothes, wash (n)
  • What words are used to describe the condition of clothes?
    clean, dirty, filthy, soiled, stained, faded, old, new, brand new, never been worn, worn, torn, ripped, patched, mended