Use this domain for words related to having an advantage--something that helps you succeed that other people don't have.

  • What words refer to an advantage?
    advantage, asset, privilege,
  • What words refer to having an advantage over other people?
    have an advantage, be at an advantage, have something on your side, the odds are stacked in your favor, have a head start, have everything going for you, hold all the cards, have the upper hand, be in a strong position, be in a position of strength,
  • What words indicate that something gives one person an advantage over others?
    give someone an advantage, give someone the edge, be to someone's advantage, be in someone's favor, favor (v),
  • What words refer to a disadvantage?
    disadvantage, handicap, drawback, liability, limitations,
  • What words refer to having a disadvantage compared with other people?
    have a disadvantage, be at a disadvantage, be handicapped, the odds are stacked against you, disadvantaged,
  • What words indicate that something gives someone a disadvantage?
    be to someone's disadvantage, be against,
  • What words refer to the advantages and disadvantages of something?
    advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, pluses and minuses,