6.2.5 Harvest

Use this domain for words related to harvesting crops. If there is an important crop and there are a lot of words that refer to harvesting it, set up a special domain for it, such as 'Harvest rice' or 'Harvest coconuts'. If there is more than one such crop, set up a separate domain for each of them.

  • What words refer to harvesting?
    harvest, reap, gather in the harvest
  • What special words are used for harvesting each crop?
    harvest maize, harvest rice, harvest yams, harvest beans, pick fruit, pluck an apple, dig potatoes, pull carrots, cut vegetables
  • What words refer to what is harvested?
    crop, harvest, yield
  • What tools and machines are used to harvest crops?
  • What is done to a field after the crops are harvested?
    lie fallow, animals graze, plow under plants
  • What words describe a crop that is ready to harvest?
  • What words refer to the time of harvest?
    harvest, harvest time