6.4.6 Things done to animals

Use this domain for words related to things done to animals.

  • What things are done to animals?
  • What words refer to someone moving animals?
    herd, shoo away, scare off
  • What words refer to catching (but not killing) animals?
    catch, capture, trap
  • What words refer to killing animals?
    hunt, trap, snare, burn out,
  • What words are used for killing birds?
  • What words are used for killing insects?
    swat, fumigate, spray, flyswatter, bug spray
  • What words are used for killing fish?
    fish, fish for, hook, net, spear, bait,
  • What words are used of killing all animals?
    exterminate, become extinct, extinction, wipe out
  • What words are used for processing dead animals?
    butcher, skin, pluck feathers, render,
  • What words are used for taming animals?
    tame, domesticate, train, pet
  • What words refer to calling to an animal?
    bird call
  • What words are used for animals that perform a special task?
    watchdog, performing (animal), seeing eye dog, police dog, hunting dog
  • What special events feature animals?
    circus, cockfight, bullfight
  • What special places are reserved for animals?
    cage, birdcage, zoo, park, reserve, preserve