Walk with difficulty

Use this domain for words referring to walking with some difficulty such as stumbling--to miss your step because of hitting an object such as a stone, hole, or mud; staggering--to walk unsteadily because of weakness, illness, or drunkenness; or limping--to walk unevenly or with difficulty because of injury to a foot.

  • What words refer to stumbling?
    stumble, trip, trip and fall, slip
  • What words refer to causing someone to stumble?
    trip someone
  • What words refer to staggering?
    stagger, weave back and forth, reel, lurch
  • What words refer to limping?
    limp, hobble, shamble, shuffle, walk haltingly, walk with a cane, use crutches, get around
  • What words describe someone who cannot walk well?
    lame, disabled
  • What things do people use to help them walk?
    walker, cane, crutch, walking stick, wheelchair