8.2.8 Measure

Use this domain for words related to measuring something--to find out the size, length, weight, or amount of something.

OMC Codes: 
804 Weights and Measures
Louw Nida Codes: 
81 Spatial Dimensions
81A Measure, To Measure
6V Instruments for Measuring
  • What words refer to measuring something?
    measure, take a measurement, assay, assess, balance, calibrate, determine, fathom, gauge, grade, mete, meter, pace, plumb, quantify, rank, reach, read, take a reading, record, rule, sound, span, step off, stretch, stride, survey, tape, test, time,
  • What words refer to the size or amount of something?
    capacity, dimension, distance, extent, length, measure, portion, quantity, size, volume,
  • What words describe something that can be measured?
    measurable, quantifiable,
  • What words refer to the number or amount that you get when you measure something?
    measurement, reading,
  • What general words refer to a unit of measure?
    unit, measure, standard, scale, benchmark,
  • What words indicate that something is a particular size or amount?
    is, measure (v), weigh, how big, of
  • What instruments are used to measure something?
    abacus, almanac, beam, calendar, caliper, chain, chronometer, clock, compass, dial, gauge, instrument, level, line, micrometer, plumb, protractor, quadrant, rod, rule, ruler, sextant, square, straightedge, tape, tapeline, thermometer, watch, yardstick,
  • What words refer to an amount that cannot be measured?
    immeasurable, measureless, incalculable, unfathomable, unmeasured, untold,