9.1.2 Do

Use this domain for general verbs with a volitional subject (agent).

Louw Nida Codes: 
42 Perform, Do
42A Function
42B Do, Perform
  • What general words refer to someone doing something?
    do, act, actuate, behave, accomplish, achieve, attain, conduct, effectuate, engage in, execute, exercise, exert, function, give, go about, dabble in, implement, manage, perform, practice, progress, undertake, up to, use, utilize, work, operate, be involved in
  • What words refer to the thing that is done?
    deed, thing to do, something to do, what you do, act (n), action, activity, event, behavior, accomplishment, achievement, attainment, execution, exercise, function (n), job, implementation, measure, performance, practice (n), task, undertaking, work (n), workmanship, feat, exploits, operation
  • What words refer to the person doing something?
    achiever, actor, doer, performer, agent
  • What words describe someone who is doing something?
    active, in action
  • How do you ask someone what he is doing?
    What are you doing? What are you up to? What do you think you are doing?